Why Engagement Photos are Important

I can only imagine how excited you are that your partner has finally popped the question! Whether you knew it was coming or were completely swept off your feet, my one tip is to cherish these tender small moments. Once you get engaged, there seems to be a rush of things to get done for your wedding day. It’s so easy to lose sight of the giddiness you have to wear that ring and tell people your story.

The story of how they popped the question is the best part of it all, isn’t it? It really depicts to your friends and family the unique love you hold for one another. These feelings that you have now, and this state of love you & your fiancé are in, is important to that story.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can forget how amazing it felt to get my first kiss, when I graduated, or when I got my first job out of college. There’s a reason that photography has become a big part of our lives: it solidifies those memories for us.

So you’re engaged! Now what?


Since this period of being engaged will probably be the shortest you two share together, soak it all up with an engagement session to document this unique stage in your relationship. What you may not realize is that this time in your life is so vastly different than how you will be when married. Both are amazing points in your life, which is why they need to be captured.

Ideally, I like to encourage an engagement session to happen within 3-5 months after the proposal. You and your fiancé (use that name as often as you can!) are still in the giddy joy of planning, but not caught up with the details of the wedding day yet. Plus, let’s get those pictures captured so you can announce the big news to your friends and family (if you haven’t already)!

But why else should you get engagement photos?


Test Run with Your Photographer

  • Typically your wedding photographer will also do your engagement session. This is a great opportunity to get comfortable working together so that you feel even more stress free on your wedding day!

Save the Dates

  • Send out your save-the-date cards that showcase you two together and so in love!

Guest Book

  • Have a customized guest book with photos of you and your fiancé together so that you’re loved ones can bask in why you’re celebrating on your wedding day!

Social Media

  • Not only will you have updated photos together with an engagement session, but you can share your favorite ones as a countdown to your wedding day!

Everyone is drawn to love, and your love story is so important. Whether you know it or not, you are a beacon to those who’s love story has yet begun or has had a rough spot. You’re about to marry your best friend! You definitely should let the world know how in love you are.