Project 52 – Week 4 | Broken Down

Project 52 – Week 4 | Broken Down

I’m sure that you all have given it thought or have seen the reality of how social media tends to shape what we want people to know about us. That even goes for our feelings. Our true emotions and actions that happen every day. I remember using Facebook as my outlet to cry for help, then looking at it the next day or week with shame. Why does this happen? Why do we feel like we always need to be our best, “perfect” selves?

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Project 52 - Week 1 | Self Portrait

A dear friend of mine participated in a challenge throughout 2016 to photograph once a week. There was a group, prompts, critiques, and just an overall sense of camaraderie. I was really inspired by this idea and knew that it would give me the kick in the butt that I needed in order to work on my photography more. Turns out, she also loved it so much that she decided to spearhead her own challenge for people to join. I jumped on this opportunity.

The first prompt was given at the end of December so that we could post the first week of January. When the first prompt was announced, I was out in Colorado celebrating the holidays with the fam. However, with one of my 2017 goals being to move to Colorado, I saw this as a great opportunity to go on an adventure. The prompt was… Self Portrait.

Being a graduate from an art school, I immediately knew I wanted this to be more than a “selfie”. I wanted to take a fine art approach to this attempt. What that means to me is really analyzing what a self portrait means, who I am, how I’m viewed by myself, and how the world views me. How in the world could I capture all of that into one? Let alone, take a photo of… ME!?

So I thought a long time about what it all meant. I hate taking photos of myself (as I’m sure most can relate) because I am my worst critic. But, then I thought about why I love taking photos of others: to show them their true, authentic beauty. That’s what hit me. How can I be the best photographer if I can’t love the true and authentic me captured in a photo? Phew. Time to be vulnerable.

I roamed the streets of Central City, CO while we were up there and snapped a few shots of myself. I got back to review what turned out and there was only a few that I really liked the way I looked. “Ok, Christy. Stop analyzing how you look. Start thinking about who you are and what depicts it the best.” After a few thoughts, I realized I wanted to not only test out a new method, but that it would combine everything that I wanted. Below is the result.