Carissa + Brent // Engagement

Carissa + Brent // Engagement

This particular engagement means so much to me because my little brother asked me to document him proposing to his beautiful and wonderful girlfriend.

I planned a weekend (that Brent set up) to visit both Brent and Carissa in Colorado. The plan for Saturday was to all go on a hike together when Brent had something "come up" - so Carissa and I just went by ourselves. I told her I wanted to take pictures so she should dress cute as my model.

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Project 52 - Week 1 | Self Portrait

A dear friend of mine participated in a challenge throughout 2016 to photograph once a week. There was a group, prompts, critiques, and just an overall sense of camaraderie. I was really inspired by this idea and knew that it would give me the kick in the butt that I needed in order to work on my photography more. Turns out, she also loved it so much that she decided to spearhead her own challenge for people to join. I jumped on this opportunity.

The first prompt was given at the end of December so that we could post the first week of January. When the first prompt was announced, I was out in Colorado celebrating the holidays with the fam. However, with one of my 2017 goals being to move to Colorado, I saw this as a great opportunity to go on an adventure. The prompt was… Self Portrait.

Being a graduate from an art school, I immediately knew I wanted this to be more than a “selfie”. I wanted to take a fine art approach to this attempt. What that means to me is really analyzing what a self portrait means, who I am, how I’m viewed by myself, and how the world views me. How in the world could I capture all of that into one? Let alone, take a photo of… ME!?

So I thought a long time about what it all meant. I hate taking photos of myself (as I’m sure most can relate) because I am my worst critic. But, then I thought about why I love taking photos of others: to show them their true, authentic beauty. That’s what hit me. How can I be the best photographer if I can’t love the true and authentic me captured in a photo? Phew. Time to be vulnerable.

I roamed the streets of Central City, CO while we were up there and snapped a few shots of myself. I got back to review what turned out and there was only a few that I really liked the way I looked. “Ok, Christy. Stop analyzing how you look. Start thinking about who you are and what depicts it the best.” After a few thoughts, I realized I wanted to not only test out a new method, but that it would combine everything that I wanted. Below is the result.