How to Look Your Best for an Engagement Session


There’s no doubt that some days picking out an outfit can be hard, and you may be feeling the same anxiety about your upcoming engagement session. Don’t panic about what you should wear for your engagement session - you aren’t alone. Luckily, I have some great tips for you to help guide how to pick out what outfits would work best for this session! Chances are you’ve picked out the locations you and your fiancé will go be photographed at, all that’s left is how to dress.

Wear Clothes that Express Your Style & Keep You Comfortable

You’re getting your photos taken, so why not dress how you normally would? It is so important to dress in clothes that not only make you feel comfortable, but also matches your personal style. Don’t overthink it or go out and buy a form-fitting dress when you usually wear flowy clothes. Not only will you be thinking about whether or not you look good, but you won’t feel confident with yourself. Always lean on what style makes you, YOU.

Lay Out Your Outfits a Few Days Early

I always tell my clients this because it is so important. When you lay out what you both will be wearing for your session, you avoid so much day-of stress. You can wake up the day of your session and know exactly what you’ll be wearing. When you pick out the outfits ahead of time, you can visualize how everything will look together. But, most importantly, you’ll know whether or not your clothes are clean or if you need to go buy those cute boots to match what you’re looking for.

Pattern + Color Add Visual Interest

Some people worry that patterns won’t work in photos, but if you pair it right, you will get a stunning outcome. Bold colors, lace, fur, leather, large patterns always create great visual interest to any photo. Always make sure that these fabrics or patterns don’t take away from the subject of the photo: you. Pair well for the season and who you two are, and you will be golden!

Compliment Each Other but Don’t Match

No offense, but we’re not here to take one of those cliche Sears photos. Both you and your fiancé are unique individuals with your own style. Don’t worry about bold colors - neons are the only colors I’m worried about. Patterns aren’t necessarily bad either! This is your style anyway! When you lay out your choices, you’ll be able to see if the colors and/or patterns will work well with one another.

Sprinkle in Seasonal Accessories

When you pair your outfit with accessories, like a scarf or statement necklace, you will add another layer of awesome to your photos. Not only will it give you a variety of looks with how easy they can be removed and added, but accessories can show off your style even more. For the ladies: add at least one accessory (hat, necklace, scarf, etc.) per outfit. For the men: layer your clothing or add accessories (button-up shirt with undershirt, sweater with shirt underneath, a nice watch, etc). These things will add visual interest to your photos and will photograph well together.

Stick With 2 Outfits Each

I know you’re excited about getting engagement photos done, but don’t treat it as a mini fashion shoot. You will be getting a zillion great wedding photos in the future. However, these are photos to remember how you two look together when it’s just the two of you. When you stick to 2 outfits, you’ll get enough variety together without spending all your session changing. Plus you can choose two different styles - one casual outfit and one formal outfit, as an example.

Dress FOR the Seasons

Make sure you plan your engagement session for the seasons that you enjoy when possible. Each season brings different colors, textures, backgrounds, and palettes, so you should embrace what it brings! Winter & Fall: bundle up and get nice and cozy together. Grab those sweaters and scarfs, flannels and boots - the photos will be warm. Summer & Spring: a cute sundress or comfortable romper would be perfectly paired with some gold sandals or even barefoot! Think about what you would wear in these seasons to help you feel most natural. The Knot also has some other great examples of seasonal clothing you should check out!

Conclusion - Don’t overthink it, dress how you would normally.

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