Carissa + Brent // Engagement

This particular engagement means so much to me because my little brother asked me to document him proposing to his beautiful and wonderful girlfriend.

I planned a weekend (that Brent set up) to visit both Brent and Carissa in Colorado. The plan for Saturday was to all go on a hike together when Brent had something "come up" - so Carissa and I just went by ourselves. I told her I wanted to take pictures so she should dress cute as my model.

We "found" this grove of aspens to go into (Brent and I had scoped out the place the day before). I posed Carissa next to a tree and said the keyword - "Ok, smile and say ASPENS!!" - she laughed, but that's when Brent popped out from behind a boulder to get a photo. She still didn't know he was there. It wasn't until I told her to walk towards a specific spot that she saw Brent walking towards her. She looked back at me with this shocked face. She said "how did you find us here?" But she knew at that moment what was happening.


He kissed her and got down on one knee. With a short little speech about how he knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, he pulled out the ring and asked the question. With excitement, she exclaimed YES! I could hear the shakiness in her voice, and I was definitely tearing up. After he put the ring on her finger and jumped into a perfect kiss, they just hugged with excitement for the longest time.


Right afterwards, Brent carved their initials into an aspen tree where it happened while Carissa was still in shock. It was a whirlwind of emotions for everyone there. We walked around Kenosha Pass, Colorado, snapping pictures of them and their excitement to finally call each other "fiance". Honestly, God couldn't have been more wonderful on this day. Everything that Brent had planned, happened. The weather was perfect, she had her nails done, she was just starting to feel better after having the flu, and she was completely surprised.

I feel so honored and blessed to have witnessed and captured this for them. I cannot wait to finally have a sister!!