My Feelings About Winter

When I moved to Louisville, KY from right outside Chicago five years ago, I quickly realized how much I actually appreciate the seasons that Chicago experiences. Most people in Louisville look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them how much I love winter.

Yeah, you heard me. I love winter. The air has this cool crispness that feels refreshing to breathe, then Thanksgiving and Christmas (obviously a fave), I get to break out my sweaters and warm scarfs, no guilt of watching movies on your couch, and of course the snow.

But with every winter, I’m reminded why I miss the other seasons. I mean, why have really cold weather and temperatures if there isn’t any snow? If we’re going to have winter, let’s at least make it pretty with the snow - am I right? Also, I completely understand why Louisville doesn't like winter. It’s like they forget that the season exists until it’s too late. But mostly it makes me so sad that the sun sets way early.

Which leads me to why I don’t shoot during this season. With the natural light being my one true love, the sun doesn’t give me enough time in the day to enjoy its benefits. I only prefer to use my lighting equipment during a few times throughout a wedding day (reception and end of the night - I never use it during any other shoots).

Because I rely so much on that natural light, I need it to last longer throughout the day. However, even if the light provides me enough for great photos, the temperatures can really make people reluctant to stay outdoors for long. I don’t blame them. Who wants to be outside with only a dress and freeze their butts off?

There are some small exceptions to wanting to photograph during this season. For example, if someone really wants a winter engagement shoot and the snow is a perfect setting - I will make their dreams come true. Or, like my best friend, if there is a lifestyle session indoors with a lot of windows letting in that natural light, I will be all in.

Overall, my winter season is great down-time for me. Not only do I get to bask in the multitude of family time with the holidays, but I get to reset myself. I can set goals for the following year, plan and strategize, and, most importantly, rest up!