I'm on The Knot!


I’ve been a photographer for about 6 years now, and I’ve loved every moment of it. I knew that I wanted to make photography a larger part of my life, but up until now I convinced myself I didn’t have what it took to be full-time. Last year, God whispered to me that it was finally my time to do this; that it was time to make photography a main part of my life.

My journey after that whisper began with a webinar from one of my favorite photographers, Jenna Kutcher. Even though a few hundred people attended this webinar, it was almost as if she was encouraging and talking only to me.

Take this leap.

So, I made a business strategy and have been dreaming and visualizing how amazing it would be to make wedding photography my main focus. It still fills me with so much pure joy and excitement.

I started subscribing to newsletters and emails from encouraging photographers and professional women I look up to, I attended multiple informational webinars, and I even enrolled in some online photography business classes to fully prepare myself for this adventure.

That’s when I realized that I was working so hard on me, but not reaching out to all the brides out there that I wanted to photograph. I needed to invest in putting myself out there and I told myself that I’m worthy to be viewed as great as I feel I am.

And not one person hasn’t heard of The Knot, right?

If not (pun intended), The Knot is an incredible site for brides to find and reach out to vendors in their area, but to also have one central place to have all their wedding details. From colors to setting up a wedding site, The Knot is amazing. Thus, it would be the most ideal place to start.

As Seen on The Knot

SO, I’m happy to announce that I’m now a wedding photographer vendor on The Knot!!! 

I chose to be on The Knot so that I can reach those brides who might have all the small details of their wedding day figured out, but need to find that perfect photographer eye to photograph it they way they envision. I’m an avid believer in unposed photography and making people comfortable enough to showcase their love.

I’m just so excited for this huge step of confidence I’ve taken and to serve people with the gifts and talents I was given. So check me out!