Rowan + Colin // Engagement

Early Saturday morning, Rowan, Colin and the rest of Louisville experience a white wash of snow on the ground. April shouldn’t bring snow! But, the warmth of their love (yes I made that super cheesy) warmed up the day, melted the snow, and turned into a perfect Spring day for an engagement session.

Rowan and Colin met and started dating in high school, but then took a break to focus on growing their relationship with Christ. Soon enough, they decided that they wanted to pursue God in a relationship together, and now here they are!

Colin set up a beautiful setting on a lake to propose to Rowan back in January. It had been decent weather that week, so he figured he could do it outdoors. When the day came for the plan to take place, a sheet of ice covered the area. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him! He took her hand and walked me down a path that was lined with lights and mason jars with candles, leading to the dock that had more jars and a bouquet of roses. What a romantic <3

These two have been so great to get to know, and I feel so close to them already! I’m so excited for their wedding day!!