Rowan + Colin // Wedding

Memorial Day weekend not only was the first glimpse of our warm summer to come, but was also a perfect weekend for a wedding. Rowan and Colin got married right outside Louisville at The Barn at Twin Lakes - a beautiful outdoor venue unique with fields surrounding a lake. The ceremony location had the aisle lead down towards the lake, and about 10 minutes before the ceremony began, the clouds decided to tuck the sun away. The reception was in the barn with it’s doors wide open to let the outside air flow through.

Rowan and Colin actually met from mutual high school friends. Colin was a senior and Rowan was a sophomore - he was the popular football player in school, so Rowan had heard of him, but never had the courage to talk to him. But one night when both their friend groups hung out, Colin ended up talking to Rowan for most of the evening which sparked the beginning of a long lasting friendship! From there they slowly started to get to know each other as friends and eventually began dating months later.

Colin knew she was the one for a while and had planned out the perfect proposal. He had Rowan’s 3 best friends lead her down to the lake by her apartment (one of Rowan’s absolute favorite places in Lexington). Colin met her from behind a tree, took her hand and walked Rowan down the path - which he lined with lights and mason jars with candles - leading to a dock that had more jars and a bouquet of roses.

As he was leading her to the dock, Rowan was completely shocked and sure that she was dreaming. And Colin was so nervous trying to share his heart and love that he lost his words a couple times. At the dock he took both hands and got down on one knee where he asked her to marry him. Rowan said her legs were shaking so much that she thought her knees were going to give out. Colin had noticed and stood up to embrace her in a bear hug that held her up until I regained her composure. It was at that point that they heard all the cheering coming from the top of the hill. All of their family and closest friends were there sharing the moment with them!