Photographers I'm Inspired By


Throughout the years of growing in my photography, I have found some amazing fellow photographers along the way that inspire me. These fantastic women unknowingly empower me to pursue this photography dream, show me how to be an entrepreneur, and continually inspire me to get better. This is my little thank you note to them and countless others out there who have made an impact on my life.

Stephanie Pana

One of my friends had posed as a model for a photographer, and I was stunned by the photos - by Stephanie. I immediately became a huge fan and would want to go out and shoot photos of my friends to get better at model photography. Stephanie’s work is bold and fearless - something I’ve always dreamt of being. She could find these perfect settings to take senior pictures and it made me fall more in love with abandoned locations for sessions. When she offered a class with a handful of other photographers, I immediately signed up, drove 5 hours to Ohio, and finally got to meet and learn from Stephanie. I learned so much that day, and was encouraged to invest my time into this photography thing.

Maggie Fortson

While this beautiful lady is no longer a photography business, Maggie was a wedding photographer. Her choice to leave the industry is something I highly respect, as she decided to open another chapter and adventure in her life to pursue. Maggie was my best friend’s wedding photographer, and ,as a photographer, I paid close attention to how she worked throughout the day. She had a very calm and confident presence that made all of us feel so comfortable with a camera around. The experience she gave us throughout the day was amazing - she was there for the quiet moments, danced with the party, and stole my newly married friends away for small moments alone together. Her photos were always breathtaking and I aspire to be like her one day. And now, she’s living her life in the best way possible - taking adventures daily.

Brooke Murphy

I met Brooke a little after I moved to Louisville and started working at the same place together. In her role at work, her drive to learn and grow has always been a great reminder to continually work on developing your craft. Then I found out she was also a full-time photographer for her own business, and I adored her. I knew that in order for me to break into the photography world, I would have to balance a full-time job while learning how to start my own business, so I soaked up every bit of advice she would give me. I would meet with her to help me understand all the financial aspects that I couldn’t wrap my mind around. Not only is her photography amazing, but her work ethic, wisdom, and creativity is something I desire to gain one day.

Krista Walker

This lovely lady has inspired me every single day since the moment I met her. As a graphic designer and photographer like me, I feel a strong camaraderie with Krista. We encourage and critique each other to make us better designers and photographers. She also encompasses everything I’ve ever wanted in the sense of fashion taste - her style is very fashion-forward yet casual. That has only encouraged me to love my own personal style full on. More than that, Krista has an extreme dedication to her craft. When she’s not hanging out with friends or her boyfriend, she is always working on freelance photography and design. Krista is a huge inspiration for why I have started putting more time into developing and growing my business. Also, her creative rejuvenation email is a great weekly pick-me-up.

Kendra Lynne

I met Kendra when we shot a wedding together for another photographer. She was a second shooter for me and I was nervous to work with someone I had never met, so we grabbed a cup of coffee. Since then (and she probably doesn’t know this), I have fallen in love with her work and who she is. As a level-headed and calming presence, Kendra brings a finesse to her work as a photographer. She is so graceful and confident with everyone she meets and it’s so easy to be friends with her. Her spirit and continual openness on social media always reminds me how much I aim to be like her. Check her out - you will love her!

Jenna Kutcher

Someone who will probably never know how integral her words have been in my life is Jenna. I have never met her, but I feel like I have had many a wine date with her. I saw a promotion for a webinar on how to grow your photography business, and that’s when I was captivated. She speaks so down-to-earth and can relate to just about anyone. More than that, her story of growing her photography business and quitting her day job completely influenced my desire to make a leap of faith for myself. Jenna’s courses I’ve enrolled in, her weekly (and sometimes daily) emails, and her amazing podcast have all pushed me to be closer to my dream than ever.

Karyn Johnson

After joining a Louisville photographer Facebook group, I was anxious to meet fellow photographers! Most entrepreneurs would never want to make friends with their competitors, but that’s the beautiful thing about photographers - we want to support each other, grow together, and celebrate our accomplishments. This is where I met Karyn. We were both looking for a photography swap, finally getting photos of ourselves. I loved getting to know this beautiful lady and hearing her stories. She is always eager to help when I have questions and has made me feel comfortable about asking questions when I don’t know things. I love working with her, her work ethic, her photography, and her God-driven life and it just goes to show how networking can blossom into a great friendship.

Laura Lee

I’m actually not quite sure how I stumbled into Laura, but I’m so happy I did. Her instagram feed is refreshing and candid. Because of that, I felt like I could trust her - reminding me that it’s not a bad thing to be open on social media. I subscribed to her emails and some of her workflow products. Laura is so grounded and when she started talking about wanting to make a photographer retreat, I SO wanted in. Her creation of this retreat was something I didn’t realize my soul wanted and needed - and when she launched it, I was eager to sign up for a spot. Since then, I’ve learned so much about myself and how my story and life can touch others. Laura is quite the inspiration.

Check these ladies out - they have done more for my life over the past 2 years than words can express. From blogging to social media, goals to vulnerability, these women have encouraged game-changing decisions and actions in my life.