The Motts // Family Session

I met the Mott family at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve up in Lemont, IL. It was a perfect location for this outdoor session - lots of forest scattered with grassy plains. It was so beautiful.

The Mott family has been growing in size the past few years. With Casey and Hannah getting married back in 2014, Casey and Hannah welcoming their firstborn into the world 6 months ago, and Kelli just getting engaged to Corey - they knew it was time to get some family photos together. Plus with everyone scattered throughout the country now, it’s the first time they’ve been all together.

The weather was absolutely perfect that day with overcast skies. While it brought in some humidity, I personally loved the natural softbox the sky was giving us. That means no harsh lighting, no squinting, and no having to pose everyone so the sun isn’t in their eyes. It was a perfect recipe to capture this wonderful family.

I have personally known Hannah Mott for a while now. Her older brother married my best friend, and I actually photographed Hannah and Casey’s wedding. With wedding photos, Hannah’s side of family photos, maternity shots, and now Casey’s side of family photos - I have always felt a great connection with this family. They were troopers coming out on an early Saturday morning session, but rocked the time with gest - making everyone there have a great time. ALSO, isn’t the baby just adorable!?