Julie + Kyle // Engagement

I have had the great honor of knowing Kyle for years now. Kyle and my brother have been great friends and I actually consider Kyle another brother of mine. And, like a brother of mine, I couldn’t contain my excitement that he found the one his soul had been searching for.

Kyle was an intern at Julie's first job, though they didn't talk much during his first semester there. Kyle always thought Julie was cute, but she never gave him the time of day because, well, he was the intern and she was his boss. After some attempts at snapchatting Julie with few responses, Kyle slyly got her phone number. After Christmas, Kyle had invited Julie’s friend and her to a housewarming party. After the party, Kyle started texting Julie and then asked her on their first date.

Kyle knew the way to Julie’s heart was through her dog, Bailey. So, he asked Julie to go hiking with him one Saturday. With multiple attempts to not commit to the date and no confirmation as the day was approaching, Kyle improvised. Saturday morning comes (the day of their date) and Kyle asked if Julie was still free. With hesitation about the date, Julie told Kyle that she was taking her dog to the park in a few minutes if they wanted to meet there. With only 20 minutes notice, Kyle and Julie met in the park and took her dog on a walk together and finished with non-stop conversations in the parking lot.

Skip ahead some months - Kyle took Julie on a walk around Long Hunter State Park on a path around the lake - a spot they’ve been to often and, actually, the place Julie first told Kyle she loved him. It was a normal Saturday afternoon, and Kyle stopped in that spot Julie said “I love you” and dropped to one knee. With most proposals, there’s a lot of blacking out with all what happened, but Julie, being so caught off guard, said no at first because she couldn’t believe it was actually happening. But she finally said yes, and the rest is history.

Kyle and Julie wanted to do their engagement session away from where they both lived, and decided since we would all be in Colorado for my brother’s wedding, that the Rocky Mountains would work perfectly. And, boy did those mountains provide some scenic shots. Most couples choose to get photos done in a location that they are both from or have been around before, but Kyle and Julie plan on moving out to Colorado, so this session worked out.

I cannot stress how much of a dream this engagement session was. I cannot wait to take more mountain photos and to get to photograph these two getting married!