Bridget + Adam // Engagement

This engagement session was so precious. Bridget and Adam came to me last fall about wedding photography, and I was anxiously awaiting this engagement session. The weather decided to hold off on the rain and gave us warm weather. These two were troopers for hiking through Cherokee Park with me (Bridget in wedges!), but I had a blast and the photos just show how happy they are.

After meeting online, they had their first date - Bridget bought Adam’s beer before they left (strategically) so he said he would have to take her on a second date. I mean, these two were just so into each other. Then a bit later down the road, after a first attempt at a proposal (in which Bridget was literally still getting dressed in her room), he got the proposal right!

These two could not be any cuter together. While they said they would be a bit shy in front of a camera, both Bridget and Adam soon became comfortable being themselves. They brought their two dogs, Jerry and Zelda, for the beginning of our session and, boy, did they also love Bridget and Adam.

We hiked through a newfound part of Cherokee Park I had scoped out, thinking it would be easy to travel through - but I kinda forgot about some fallen trees we had to climb over and some slippery mud we trekked through. Good thing Bridget is a champ in her wedges!

Our second location brought us to Waterfront Park. Both locations for them really encapsulated how Louisville is a central part of their journey together. I’m just so excited for their wedding later this year!