Zoe + Paul // Lifestyle Session

I meet everyone I work with (you know, my graphic design job that I can’t seem to let go of) because I take everyone’s headshot for the company. I remember Zoe being so cute and then also learning that she has a severe allergy and sensitivity to peanuts - making our company peanut-free. While I’m sure that's what most people know about her, I’ve gotten to know Zoe so much more.

Zoe is the sweetest soul you will ever meet. She’s always gentle and kind, funny and empathetic, and she has a drive to accomplish what she sets her heart to. For instance, she has always wanted to be in a band. So, she joined a band with two other women and started playing drums. No background or lessons in it. She just decided that joining was going to be her motivation to learn.

So when we decided to do a lifestyle session together, I was so eager to meet her husband, Paul. He and Zoe seem to pair so well together - balancing each other out. You could tell how much joy it brought Paul to make Zoe smile, and that just made my heart sing.

Since the weather decided to suddenly become nicer, we planned our session at Jefferson Memorial Forest. The sun was just about to set over the hill, so the lighting was PERFECT. I love when I get to do two of my favorite things at the same time: photograph people in love and hike.