Kayla + Tyler // Proposal

I first got to really know Kayla when we went to Colorado together earlier this year. She is quiet, humble, beautiful and sweet, and once you get to know her a little, she’s hilarious, adventurous, and wonderful. There’s not one thing I could even fathom to be negative about her. And with Kayla dating my cousin Tyler (who’s more like another brother to me), I felt an instant connection with her.

Kayla and Tyler met at Valparaiso University while studying Engineering together. Actually, they had one class together their freshman year. One day when walking back from class, Tyler was walking ahead of Kayla and decided to finally introduce himself. And there, in the middle of their campus, is where a friendship blossomed.

They started dating a year ago today, and I think they both knew right away what this relationship was to become. A few weeks ago, Tyler came over to show my family the ring, and I told him I wanted to be a part of the proposal. I couldn’t pass it up!

His idea was perfect. He decided to do it the day before their one year dating anniversary, so to not arouse suspicion. Tyler had such a great plan for how it would all go down. On that day, he and Kayla usually walked back from their last class together - he would stop her in the exact spot they first met on campus, get down on one knee, and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.

It was a bit chilly yesterday and the wind was coming in waves, but the overcast sky was perfect lighting for the event. Tyler and Kayla came walking down the sidewalk, and he stopped her, dropped to one knee, actually moved her into position (he’s so great), and pulled out a ring. Kayla’s first words were “no you’re not” - she was led to believe that the proposal wouldn’t happen for a few days (yeah, she was bugging him about it).

Before he even started talking, she spotted me snapping photos, and I think that’s when it hit her. She said yes and jumped into a hug. Then, to my surprise, she bypassed getting the ring on to run over and hug me! I love her so much. I told her to get that ring on and go enjoy the moment.

After a few shots in the place where Tyler proposed, we headed inside the chapel to warm up and snap some photos of them alone - not in the middle of the quad where everyone was walking. Luckily, she looks cute all the time, so the photos look perfect. We then traversed the campus for a few more shots before heading to a bar to grab some beers and celebrate!

I feel so honored to have been a part of this special day!