Carissa + Brent's Bridal Shower

As you all probably know, my little brother is getting married this summer! I was even asked to take the proposal pictures and made it all a surprise! The hardest part about this upcoming wedding is the fact that it’s in a completely other state: Colorado. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be the most beautiful wedding ever - the location, her wedding style and colors, and her dress will all be radiant. But since both Brent and Carissa live in Colorado, it’s hard to plan things with them or be a part of the process.

However, with all the craziness of their wedding planning, my aunts and I found a weekend that the two of them could come into town for us to throw them a bridal shower. My brother didn’t think that he was intended to be there, but my family insisted that it was part of the tradition - plus he got gifts specifically for him, so it was a win-win.

My aunts and I met a few weeks prior to hash out all the details that would go into this celebration. I was in charge of sending out the invites, and since it was rather short notice, I made it an evite. Plus, that made it easier for me to see who was all coming in a quick glance. While printed invitations are nice and all, I would highly recommend sending an evite for the bridal shower.

We landed on making the shower blush and gold themed, just like their wedding colors. The activities would be simple: a marriage advice jar, guess the amount of (Hershey) kisses, a “Would She Rather” worksheet, and a “Guess the Age of the Bride and Groom” game. The age game was actually rather hard, but it was definitely the big hit at the shower. It was cool to see my family reminisce about Brent being younger, but then equally awesome to see Carissa at that same exact age alongside.

We stayed simple and ordered pizza as the food, had a margarita bar and coffee bar, and had it only last 2 hours (although we all stayed longer). All the details came together so well and I think they enjoyed their bridal shower. Surprisingly, they fit a majority of the big boxed items in their checked luggage for the way back, but the rest we will drive out there when the wedding comes around.