Jayme + Brad // Maternity Session

With an iced grande non-fat chai in one hand, a grande green tea cream frappuccino with raspberry added in the other, and my camera bag on my back, I walked up to my best friend’s front door. Jayme answered the door with a belly that was 8 months pregnant - perfect for our maternity session. Upstairs, Brad was rolling out of bed from his late-night shift. I made sure to come prepared with liquid encouragement for him.

A few months ago, I stood crying in their kitchen from the news that she was pregnant. I think it was the first time I instantaneously cried from joy, but this pregnancy was a big deal. Jayme has always had health issues - nothing too big, but with the latest discovery, we weren’t sure she would be able to get pregnant. THIS was a blessing from God and I felt so excited to document it.

Their little girl is going to be so loved in this family and is already the center of attention. With all the natural light in their house (which is Fixer Upper worthy if you ask me), doing their maternity session there was a perfect setting. This is home for Jayme and Brad and their little girl on the way.