Project 52 - Week 9 | Movement


Each week of this Project 52 weekly photo challenge I am given a choice: to internalize the meaning of the prompt or to go for something literal. The prompt was: Movement. After having a few weeks of struggling on the prompt and waiting until the last second, I told myself to just go out there and shoot some moving things. Perhaps it would inspire me.

Inspiration found.

This photo is taken overlooking I-64 right on the edge of downtown Louisville, KY. Cars are moving, the Ohio River is moving, and, if you notice the building to the left, Muhammad Ali is moving. (That building is the Muhammad Ali Center – a museum commemorating his life and achievements. The outside of the building is built with different colors making a mosaic of Muhammad himself.)

I left my shutter speed open, and clicked away. When I went to edit the photos, this one stuck out to me and that’s when the inspiration hit.

This year has been full of filling my days with small tasks to get me taking baby steps towards achieving my 2017 Goals. And, as I reflect upon my values in my day to day life, I recalled a mission statement that I set for myself: Go. Love. Live.

Go into the world. Love every person. Live more every day.

While this world moves quickly around us (how is it already March!?), not only have I learned to live each day to the fullest, but to also recognize when to live each day full of nothing.

It’s just a fact that we all need to slow down in life. Today is the last day exactly like today that will happen. That would typically make my anxious about how I’m “wasting” my day, but days full of slow things (meditation, yoga, relaxation, reading, etc.) are fulfilling as well.

This world and each day moves quickly, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the things that can stand still.