Project 52 - Week 6 | Blue


This week’s prompt for the Project 52 Photo Challenge was “Blue.” Easy enough right? I figured that since it’s my favorite color, I would see it everywhere! Except, yet another difficult one for me. I challenged myself yet again to find the meaning in the things I would photograph. Although I saw lots of blue things, I either didn’t have my camera on me or I just couldn’t justify the meaning of the image besides it being blue.

As I came up on the deadline for this week, I fell short. I looked around me and tried noticing the blue. Blue. It’s my favorite color. Blue stimulates feelings of peace or calm. And as I sat in my car thinking about this, I realized that I was sitting in the image I need to take. My car.

This beauty that I call Eleanor has been nothing but great to me. After my car flooded with water 2 years ago, I was out to find something to replace it. I bought it 2 years old with only 9,000 miles on it. That mileage didn’t last very long. If you haven’t gathered, not only do I love traveling and adventures, but I love being around my family – back up around Chicago. So there are a lot of road trips I take.

This past week I’ve thought a lot about how to better my life towards the goals I desire to achieve and I stumbled across a documentary called “The Minimalists” on Netflix. It was exactly what I needed. This concept makes complete sense from my design eye and I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before. Why not apply the same concept of letting design breathe with minimal but valuable design to my life?

It got me thinking about the items, the tangible things in my everyday life that actually bring value and how to minimize the other objects that are just clutter. I mean, it’s not an easy concept to apply to your life, but it’s a great idea and I want to try it. First I needed to identify the things that bring that value to my life. MY CAR! I know it may seem materialistic, but I use it to enjoy the moments I value most in life. Family, hiking, seeing new places. All of these things are so important to me.

Then I started to think more about the color and how it resonates with being faithful, loyal, and dependable. That is Eleanor. I’m so blessed to not have to worry about my car no matter where I drive. I take good care of her and she does the same back. But what else about this color? Freedom. Especially when I’m lying in the hammock watching the sky. It inspires this great sense of freedom. The freedom to drive anywhere to explore, drive home to visit family, drive to a friend’s house. Well, dang. Who knew I could find so much meaning in my car?

Yeah this is a long post, but I’m thankful for what each week is teaching and revealing to me.