Project 52 - Week 5 | The Sign Says


Yet another difficult week with this photo challenge I’m a part of. I love partaking in this so much because I am making it what I want and pushing myself to think outside the box. Last week I beat myself up because I wish I had gone to one of the many marches or rallies that were taking place throughout the world to capture “Broken Down.” I didn’t want to have another week of that.

This proved extremely difficult since I do not have my camera this week. It’s currently at Canon for a routine maintenance. So all week I would just think of different ideas that could be shot as a “sign.” I thought about what signs were being sent to me, or what signs do I see that make me want to do something profound? I was lost. I wanted it to come naturally. Like, to see a sunrise and have it hit me with a special meaning. But, of course, when I’m looking for that stuff, it never happens.

On my way into work yesterday, my phone gave me a Facebook notification that one of my friends was “live.” I thought it strange since it was in the middle of the day (yes, I came in for a half day yesterday), so I clicked to see what was happening. Sure enough, another rally was happening downtown Louisville. I thought “this is my chance! I can finally take photos of this happening!” I grabbed the camera from work and a coworker and walked down to where the rally was taking place.

Although the rally was over, there were still a good group of lingering people. And they all had SIGNS! What a great way to capture “The Sign Says” for this week’s Photo Challenge.

Disclaimer – this is not a political post.

What I saw was moving. I’ve never gone to a rally or a march that stood for something, but those people have guts. To stand up for what you believe in that manner takes courage. I can’t imagine the amount of fear they pushed aside to show up.

This one particular woman, though – she just captured my attention. She was there all bundled up with her walker and the most simple sign that she made at home. “I stand with her” as it points to Lady Liberty.

No matter what your view is on what is going on in this country, none can deny that these rallies are taking place because people feel that their voices aren’t heard. These thousands of signs that are created have people’s courage and love poured into them. They strongly believe in what they are fighting for and have the courage to show the world.