Project 52 - Week 38 | Orange


Orange is one of my least favorite colors, personally. I don’t think it looks good on me at all. However, right before I moved, a friend gave me a dress she no longer wanted and I loved how it looked and felt on me. It made me feel beautiful, empowered, strong, and just overall amazing. The only orange thing I own just had to be the photo I took for this week’s color prompt.

I think we all struggle with self-love from time-to-time, so I hold on to the things that remind me how wonderful I am.

A few years ago I read through all of the Hunger Games books so that I could be prepared for the movies. I will always stand by the opinion that the books are better than movies, but I feel very strongly for the Hunger Games movies. Jennifer Lawrence is my hero in real life and as Katniss.

It’s so empowering to watch someone hold true to her values no matter what trials came her way. One thing that you don’t immediately understand from the movies that you can gain from the books is how much Katniss doesn’t understand how she is able to move the districts with her decisions. She struggles with understanding that the way she values things is a majority view. It’s the situations she was put in to make her choices loud.

It’s a testament to those who feel alone in the world, who feel that the world needs to change for the better. The mockingjay symbol empowered those in the Hunger Games realm to know that they can make a difference no matter how small they feel compared to the world.

One girl changed the way that an entire nation thought and acted. She loved those she wasn’t supposed to, she protected the innocent, she fought for what was right, but she never let her values fail her. How can you change the world with your values?