Project 52 - Week 37 | Centered


A lot came to mind when I started brainstorming what I would photograph for this week’s Project 52 prompt of Centered. At first I thought about what it means to be centered – in life, in work, in our relationships. It’s all about the balance.

Balance is something that I have to work on daily. It’s so easy to make one thing a large portion of your life, but eventually that could set your life off balance. I’ve read a lot of stories and books that mention how people who put in 80 hours of work to a job that they only enjoy for the money end up isolated, depressed, and alone. Why is that?

Well, for me, I would LOVE to have all that money (because honestly those student loans are killer), but I know that if I didn’t make time for the other things I love in life, that I would feel that my life is a waste. I do not need that. I have found that keeping centered on what is most important in life can help create a good balance.

Find your passions – what brings you absolute joy when you do them for yourself? For me, it’s going on a hike or grabbing a drink with friends. But it could be anything. Maybe yours is being a foster mom for dogs or shopping at the mall or even horseback riding. Whatever brings you joy, peace, and calmness to the chaotic world around you, make sure you make time for that. That will keep you centered.

So, when I saw our pear tree in our backyard, I knew I needed to take a photo of it. If you saw this poor tree in its entirety, you wouldn’t be able to understand how all the branches aren’t broken off. This tree holds hundreds of pears with the tiny branches it has been given. Each year we are astonished at how low the branches come to the ground because of the weight of all these pears. But every year, it holds through and makes the best tasting pears. Seems like that tree has its life centered better than I.