Project 52 - Week 36 | Shadows


There are times that I have during my day job as a graphic designer that I get to utilize my photography skills, and this week I got to travel to a University to photograph students there. I mean, that is something right up my alley. Though, on this crisp autumn morning, I found the perfect opportunity to capture this week’s Project 52 prompt: Shadows.

Every time I take a photo, I try to capture what I’m seeing right in front of me. But, have you ever figured out that some things just can’t be captured, except with our own eyes? I have a love/hate feeling with that experience. As a photographer, I should be able to capture what I’m seeing to share with the world, so I get disappointed. But, as a minimalist (attempting to live in the present), it is such a great reminder of how beautiful God’s creation is.

As I was on this 1+ hour drive through Kentucky, I couldn’t help but stare in wonder at the glow the sun was shining on the trees, through the trees, and on my life. I could see the whitest whites and the darkest darks and everything in between. So, I stopped on the side of the road to try to capture this brilliant sight.

While I’m so happy with this photo, I wish you all could have been there to see this. It only scrapes the surface of what I got to witness the other morning. So, life lesson: Stop and stare at the beauty that is given to you without getting upset at the lack of ability to capture it. It was created for you.