Project 52 - Week 35 | Shoot from the Hip


I seriously love that this week’s prompt is Shoot From the Hip - not only because I did the challenge quite literally (my camera was literally ON my hip), but because I’ve done this before for my own challenge. That time I had walked around downtown Chicago and just kept shooting without looking through my viewfinder.

When I did this prior, it was to help remind myself that some of the greatest photographers out there didn’t get the opportunity to review what they photographed before moving on. And some captured amazing documentary/journalistic styled photos by not even looking through their viewfinder. This mean they had to understand the ins and outs of their camera and the settings.

This time, I wasn’t downtown Chicago. I am out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields. But it just so happened that my dad was working out in the garage on a project. Now, my dad is incredible (obviously) – he’s always out the door before 5am and typically doesn’t get home until 6-7pm. That’s a lot of time at work and not a lot of down time.

Yesterday was a rare exception. He actually got home before my mom and got to spend time on tasks and projects he wanted to. This one in particular was fixing our gosh-darn lawn mower that never seems to stay alive for more than a year. I love watching him work and asking him questions. He really understands how to fix things, but more importantly loves to educate you on it too.

This photo stood out to me out of all those I took. I love the lighting that falls on the motor and the dark and dirtiness that the image displays. My hips did well ;)