Project 52 - Week 33 | Leading Lines


In college, I had to learn about all the basics of art and composition. I rolled my eyes especially at composition because sometimes it is just unintentional. Surely artists don’t think that hard about the rule of thirds or Leading Lines, but the more I studied it, the more I wanted to have those elements prosper in my stuff. So, this week’s prompt for the Project 52 challenge was a perfect time for shooting intentionally.

Ok, I do shoot intentionally and have become way better at it than before. I look for composition and for timing of things to come together right at the perfect moment. It’s a challenge, sometimes, to take note of everything that is within the frame of your camera, but I love it.

Maybe for this prompt, I took a typical route of the railroad tracks, but this one particular shot really stopped me. For those of you curious, I now live in Manhattan, Illinois – a small farm town (it’s actually a village since it’s so small) right outside Chicago. No, it’s not New York, but I love it. Capturing the one water tower we have really made my heart sing.

As for the lines, well, they’re all over! The railroad tracks, the horizon, the phone lines, the road; not only does it lead your eye one way, but it leads your eyes around the entire image. Makes me think of my Elementary School art days when we would do one-point perspective drawings where all the lines would lead back to one point on the horizon.

A photograph filled with pride, folks. I love my hometown.