Project 52 - Week 30 | Red


I don’t know about any other photographers, but I sincerely dislike the color red. Reds can skew photos to have different hues that expected. Also, sometimes reds cannot be captured accurately because of how vibrant they can seem on the spectrum. So, of course I cringed a little when Red was the prompt for the weekly photo challenge (Project 52) I’m in.

Since I broke my chain of taking photos of cars for the color prompts for the last color prompt Green, I didn’t feel bad beginning to look around my life for any reds. I realized that I truly do not own things that are red. Blues and greens are everywhere in my apartment, but the one thing that I found was red was the collar on my sweetest child, Ansel.

Last week I spoke about where his name came from (Ansel Adams), but Ansel means so much more than I could ever explain. Maybe that makes me a cat lady, I don’t really care. If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how deep the attachment can be.

When I was younger, my brothers and I always wanted a dog. I think it’s every child’s dream to ask for a puppy for Christmas, honestly. My parents both wanted a dog too, but would never say that in the same room. It was always “go ask you mom,” or “go ask your dad,” and we would never get a real answer.

My parents would tell us that if we did our chores without being asked for one entire month, we could probably get a dog. My mom didn’t want to be stuck being the only one taking care of the poor thing. But, we never got all our chores done. There was also another good point my parents made that I now understand – we were never home enough to take care of a dog. We were all active in different things: church, singing, sports, school, vacations, etc.

When I graduated college, got my first job, and moved away from home, I knew that I wanted a pet. I thought long and hard about getting a dog, but living in an apartment can be hard to train a dog in. I then promised myself that I would wait to get a dog until I had a place that has a yard. But, I would still go to humane societies and look at dogs.

Until one day I walked in and there was a crate of kittens. I put my head up against the bars and wiggled my finger around to play with the kittens. Then, this one orange tabi kitten walked up to the bars and rested his head against mine, through the bars. It was like he chose me. That was when I knew that this kitten had to come home with me.

That’s the story of how I got Ansel. I never had a pet growing up, and, now that I do, I understand that connection that one can have with an animal. I never knew that I could love an animal as much as I do with Ansel. He is my snuggle bud, my weird-o, my handsome devil, and my needy boy. He acts up like a child sometimes, but is mostly sweet when he lets me snuggle him like a stuffed animal.

In a long, roundabout way, the color red reminds me of this sweet kid who has touched my life forever.