Project 52 - Week 3 | Frame Up


I am reminded each week why this is called a “challenge.” It truly is challenging. Perhaps part of it is myself pushing the limits with what I know and what I have yet to explore. But, I knew that going back to Manhattan, Illinois this past weekend would help spark some creativity that might have been lying dormant.

So what does the prompt “frame up” supposed to mean? Well, I guess that was up to me to decide. Brooke Murphy described some really great ways to incorporate this theme in her blog post. When you think of a literal frame, you think of that which encloses an area in which the viewer is supposed to look. Trying to find framing opportunities in everyday life was somewhat difficult. It makes you look at the world differently.

When I was learning how to paint in college, one of the most difficult parts was learning to look at the colors in the object I was painting. Not the innate color of the object, but the cools and warms that would surround it. I remember drawing a cookie and being baffled when my professor told me to add more color to it. However, once I did, it looked fantastic!

All of this to say, looking at the world differently is something I love to do and challenge myself to do each day. Around my house in Manhattan, there are a few abandoned farmhouses that I grew up exploring. I decided to take a stroll through there to capture the framing I saw. This particular farmhouse was one that I saw go up in flames one night – one of the first times I had to call and report a fire (and the only time, thank God). Even though this barn was located right behind the house, it never got scathed.

Framing up how this barn is still standing and it still giving support and structure to an abandoned property, just hits me in the feels. I’ve always been a sucker for abandoned places. One day I aspire to create a coffee table book of all the abandoned farmhouses I come across. But, for now, this is what you get.