Project 52 - Week 28 | Abstract


Abstract. I feel like I just jumped back into the mindset that I had throughout college. The assignments were always up for interpretation (ok, not ALL of them, but for the art class assignments), and they challenged you to look at objects/scenes in a different way. For this week’s Project 52 prompt, I turned that thinking cap on again.

I’m sure that you roll your eyes when you hear that a piece of art is “abstract” because it can either look like a jumbled mess or even something that a 5-year-old could do. Believe me, I have the same struggle with some pieces of art. Though, it’s not about that.

I learned early on how difficult abstraction can be – in painting class. I took this strange shape of wood and decided to paint an abstract painting on it. I started loving the lines and shapes I was adding to it, and soon I was attached. Until my professor came over and told me that to understand how to do any work as “abstract,” I first must know how to do the work.

Let me explain that again. To create a piece of abstract artwork, I first had to know how to do the technical skills for the assignments. It’s similar to understanding how to write cursive; first you have to know how to write letters.

Abstraction is really the process of breaking things down and isolating them. To take what is and dissect it until it is something else.

Once you get to that point, the existing thought, idea, or object that was originally there is now seen in a new form.

Test out this process in your day to day life. You may end up finding some beautiful things from it.