Project 52 - Week 27 | Half and Half


After trying to catch up from all the weeks that I have missed, I actually intentionally thought about the Project 52 prompt this week – “Half and Half”. And I’ll be honest, I really thought most people would take photos of the creamer for coffee. Too bad I don’t care for coffee. So it was time to get creative.

It was a really trying week for me, and I needed to get out of my apartment. My apartment is quaint, but it can get TOO quaint and tiny sometimes. The neighborhood I live in is hit or miss, so I don’t always feel comfortable just walking around. Nope, I needed to clear my head, spend some quiet time with myself, and talk with God.

Time for a hike!

I chose a new place to explore called Clifty Falls up in Indiana – only an hour away from Louisville. I packed up my bag and headed out. Too often I don’t bring my camera along with me on my hikes because I want to ensure that I am taking in what’s around me instead of focusing on great shots, but I felt like this time might be worth it.

I pulled out my map and (of course) chose the longest route to hopefully see a waterfall. The route took me deep into the canyons of this place and followed a river upstream. My ankles were sore from the river rock all along the way being so unsteady and there were a few points where I wasn’t sure where I was on my map.

There was a sign that I came upon and warned that there would be no other connecting paths beyond that point, and I had to choose. Well, of course I chose to keep going. I wasn’t in a hurry and I had driven all this way. If anything, I could get away from the other people who decided to hike as well.

Another 30 minutes or so later, another sign told me to not go beyond its point. The waters were more intense here, and I knew I had finally reached the waterfall. I will admit that I crossed that line and made my way to the waterfall – otherwise the waterfall was literally blocked by trees and shrub to see.

I was met with a wonderful surprise of a waterfall. Plus, there was not another soul in sight. I got to just sit and watch the wonders of nature, gravity, and white noise.

It’s incredible that we are already halfway through this year, but when I take myself outside of the hustle and bustle, time stands still.