Project 52 - Week 26 | Photographer's Choice


A few times each year, I get the great pleasure of seeing my family who lives in Colorado. This year, they drove to Illinois to enjoy a week full of family time. I seriously love when my family comes together and I feel so honored and blessed to be able to say that. This is why, for this week’s Project 52 prompt being my own choice, I chose to capture my family.

My family from Colorado consists of my Aunt Christi (yes I was named after her), my uncle, and my 2 cousins. It was one of the last days that all of us would be in town. I had to drive back to Louisville, KY for work, my brother had to fly back to Denver for work, my other brother back to summer classes at college. The rest of the week was plans that their family had on their own.

My Grammy was so excited that everyone was in the same space and desperately wanted to recreate a picture of all her grandkids from about 15 years ago. On this particular day though, it was a hot one. Chicagoland is known for the cold, but man does it also get hot there. No one was very eager to get the picture retaken.

Until my Grammy herded us all on the golf cart (when you live in the middle of nowhere, golf carts to get around come in handy) and went to the backyard. Whilst everyone was doing their own thing, I was setting up my camera so that whoever would take the photo would just have to point and shoot.

I know that as a photographer, I should know my camera and its settings like the back of my hand. However, after getting the settings where I think they need to be, I still take a shot or two to ensure that the white balance looks good.

This was the result.

A journalistic approach (mostly luck) on family time. My cousin is not mad, I promise. We were all fidgety and ready to get back to the pool.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing family who all gets along and loves one another.