Project 52 - Week 25 | From Below


Now that I’m a Louisville resident, I know that the nightlife downtown is more for tourists. However, where I have my day job downtown Louisville is not in a typical area. For this week’s Project 52 prompt, “From Below”, I wanted to showcase the architecture in Louisville.

Being from right outside Chicago, Louisville is, as I like to describe it, the baby of Chicago and St. Louis being together. It has a skyline and a downtown life like Chicago, but thrives off its local atmosphere of food and shops in the suburbs. There is always something to do.

The building of where I work is located on “4th Street Live!” Yes the title of it actually has an exclamation point in it. To me, it’s kind of similar to Navy Pier (obviously on a smaller scale). This section of 4th Street is actually covered with an angled glass ceiling – which is pretty dope – that covers the street. You’re outside, but not affected by any type of precipitation. This area used to be filled with small shops and at one point was a mall. Now, it’s all restaurants and bars of all different kinds. It makes the people watching quite superb.

While this area has undergone a lot of change, the architecture of the original building is still great. With the addition of the glass ceiling designed to meet the top of the building, looking up is a sight to be seen. When it rains, oh man. It looks like you are underneath a waterfall watching the mass amounts of rainfall stream down the glass.

Today, it’s easy to keep yourself distracted while anywhere – with your phone especially. Even when I don’t have my phone out, I find myself looking at the ground while I walk. When I do remind myself to look up, I am usually pleasantly surprised. Look up every now and then. You might be surprised, too.