Project 52 - Week 23 | Show Me The Door


My brothers and I have had the great fortune of growing up in the same home throughout our whole lives. We never moved and that made our home a soft spot in our hearts (ok, I did move when I was little, but I don’t even remember the house because I was 3). Whenever I do come home, the positive energy that I feel sends a warming amount of peace through my body. Which is why this front door of my home worked perfectly for this week’s Project 52 prompt, Show Me The Door.

Family, and really any kind of relationship, takes work and is not always easy. There were lots of fights, arguments, resentment that would/still do happen in that home. Through it all though, we are incredibly close and love each other unconditionally.

I know that I can always count on my parents to be overjoyed when I walk through that door. And, trust me, that door has a lot of memories. These are just a few of them:

  • I was running through the kitchen towards the front door when the rug underneath me slid with my pace – sending me straight into the door, face first. I fell and laughed so hard.
  • Coming home, through the door, tired and so excited after prom because I had won prom queen!
  • Any time it rains, we would watch through that door to see the river that popped up between my neighbors’ yards.
  • During winter, we always waited until the last minute to walk out of the house to the bus stop. So, to keep ourselves busy, we would draw things with the condensation on the glass door.
  • When I left for college, I said goodbye to my brothers through that door. Gosh, that was emotional.
  • One of our dearest family friends and neighbors moved away after high school. But there were times I would come back from my summer job, walk through that door, and see him sitting in my kitchen. I don’t think my mood has ever turned around faster.

Doors can be viewed as something that keeps things out. My front door has left other memories. Memories of love, fun, joy, and the simple times. To me, it’s a passage into a place I will always love and cherish.