Project 52 - Week 22 | State of Mind


It’s easy to go through life with one mindset and never to open up to other ideas. I know that I was like that for a good portion of my life. But, when I started to understand that God called us to love one another no matter what, I changed my State of Mind. This week, that prompt from the Project 52 photo challenge challenged me to see something outside of what I want to know and accept.

On my way in to work each day, I pass a construction site where they are furiously building a new Omni Hotel. It has gone up so fast and it already looks amazing. On the way out from work, it’s typical for a few of us to stop in at the local bar, where a lot of these workers come after a long day.

Just the other day though, I walked into work with a ton of workers standing on the sidewalk and not doing anything. Later, I found out that they had just started on strike. Now, if you’re anything like me, I tend to roll my eyes at strikes. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve never been a part of one either. So this time, I changed how I looked at it.

A few coworkers and I went down to the workers to ask what was going on. They explained that they were striking due to unequal pay to them. I looked around and suddenly noticed that most of these hard-working men and women were of Latino, Hispanic, and Mexican descent.

Instead of waiting for the news to publish anything, they explained that a couple of them were simply chatting about the hardships of life and the amount they got paid came up. When someone, not of Latino, Hispanic, or Mexican descent, explained how they were getting paid more – for the exact same job, title, and duties.

Now, I understand that there are a lot of political stances around equal pay and some will say that those who get paid more earned it. Today, I was fully immersed into how difficult it can be to know that people can be undervalued just based on who they are.

As a woman, I do experience this at work. Not as intense, of course. I feel blessed that I have found my inner strength to stand up for what I work for and what is right and just. I hope the next time you see a situation that you typically will downcast, that you may change your state of mind for just a moment to understand the truth.