Project 52 - Week 21 | Green


For the past two color prompts, I ironically had found and shot pictures of cars that spoke to me. Of course, I wanted to continue this awesome trend, but no car came into my presence that was Green. Instead the prompt from my Project 52 photo challenge worked my nerves up this week. Green, while all around me with foliage, was not an easy find. Until, I got back into my routine of working on my photography business.

My apartment is currently very tiny and can be difficult to find a place to consistently work without being distracted. I now understand why people who work from home have an actual office space. It’s so hard! Personally, I need to be in a creative area with good energy for me to achieve getting work done outside of my day-job. That answer has always been Starbucks.

I love that our culture has embraced the idea of lounging in areas that stimulate community and creation. Starbucks has always been an innovator in coffee (not like I would know, since I don’t care for coffee), but, most importantly, they have been creatively innovative.

All Starbucks, whether it’s a large standalone store or a pop-up shop in Target, have created this welcoming atmosphere of spatial awareness and feng shui. Yeah I just threw that phrase out there. But really – have you ever been in a Starbucks that you felt was negative? Ok, maybe the long line discouraged you from getting your morning Jo, but I would have to say that I’ve only ever had positive experiences with Starbucks.

On a typical weekend, you can find me at a Starbucks, headphones in, and focused on my to-do list for myself. So, when I see their green logo, I am happy that they are in my life – as “basic” as that sounds.