Project 52 - Week 19 | Day-to-Day


The challenge for this week was to photograph our “day to day.” It prompted me to think about the daily routines that I go through without really skipping a beat. For me, dinner is something that I choose to make a part of my every day.

Ok, most people choose to make a meal a part of their day, but I often skip meals. Not because of any try at losing weight (I know you’re supposed to eat at every meal), but because I tend to forget about it, don’t have time for it, or am simply not hungry. Though, after a long day of working (or of being lazy on the weekends), dinner always becomes a priority for my body.

For this particular meal, I chose to go my more normal/healthy route: baked chicken with Greek seasoning and capers with spinach on the side. Truthfully though, I tend to choose my stove-popped popcorn with a glass of wine and cheese.

Dinner helps me slow down my ever-racing mind and focus on myself. Food is nourishment to the body and so is down-time. Choosing to make myself dinner is choosing to have time to myself and relax. I can get worked up about trying to cook dinner, but, once I start, I am never disappointed.

So, friends, don’t forget to take the time to unwind, eat dinner, and nourish your body!