Project 52 - Week 17 | Macro Photography


With this week’s photo challenge prompt being “macro photography,” I got a little more giddy than I thought I would. One of my favorite things to play around with while taking photos, is the depth of field on my subject. And to be challenged to do this to a seemingly small object, HECK YES!

I love love love my 24-105mm L series Canon lens – it is my go-to for most everything. So on my break at work (yeah I work a 9-5 job outside of doing photography), I grabbed my camera and my succulent plant and set up near a window.

What I like about capturing depth of field, especially within macro photography, is that you can guide the viewer’s eye to a specific location that you are (or aren’t) focused on. With good understanding of structuring a photo, you can utilize all other portions of that object that aren’t in focus to your advantage. In this case, the succulent itself is framing 1-2 of it’s own branches – thus honing in on its rigid texture.

How can macro photography apply to this life?

Well, I know that sometimes I get frustrated with all of the interests I have and want to be a part of. Some of this is FOMO (fear of missing out), but I think we all inherently want to be part of a bigger picture. However, I know that I get overwhelmed with adding things to my plate. It’s a constant struggle to determine “what is my dream job?” (I try to ask myself this every day).

But, if I take the time to focus in on a passion of mine while using the other attributes about me (talents, skills, personality, interests, experiences, etc.) to help shape that passion, it will begin to support itself. Using my own strengths to support my own passions instead of feeling that my interests are random is a work-in-progress that I need to do each day.

How can you use your talents to support a passion of yours?