Project 52 - Week 16 | Unexpected


I have been so focused on this amazing marketing and business course the past week that I almost forgot about the photo challenge prompt we were given: Unexpected. So let me just reflect on this past crazy turn of events in my life.

I saw a post on Instagram about some type of webinar about how to double your photo business in a few years and that drew me in. I signed up for this amazing and inspiring marketing and business course led by a phenomenal photographer, Jenna Kutcher (seriously, check out her stuff – I’m in love!), and I have had my head down since.

It’s amazing how just a little push in the right direction, from the right place, from the right person that you need in your life can change everything. I knew that I wanted to sit down and power through all the tedious logistics of taking on a business, but just never had the right encouragement to do so.

This course has lightened up my heart to what I’ve been doing for so long. Why am I trying to fit into a box that other “greats” have made it to be? I want you all to see and hear who I am, day in and day out. So I may not be the best formal writer – but I know that I love people and telling their stories and that’s what matters.

Upon changing my perspective (and, to be real, increasing the amount of time) on how I approach my own business, I have come to see so many wonderful things. I have found that the power of love and encouragement are SO SO strong. I have seen that being real and using your true voice can create new relationships with important people.

All of these changes were so unexpected. I wasn’t planning on taking this course. I didn’t plan on daydreaming and planning for a day where I would only be doing photography (like I’ve always wanted). However, if not now, WHEN?

How the hell do I capture that?

Then I walked out on my porch this morning and realized that, while all of this beautiful mess called life was going on, the flowers I planted just a little bit ago were already so far along! Just like me. I feel like I’m a new blooming flower each day I wake up.

I love that I can identify my life’s moments with the seemingly mundane little things.