Project 52 - Week 15 | Yellow


Yellow can be weird sometimes, you know? It doesn’t always look good when wearing – especially certain shades! But, the day that this prompt came out, I passed this BEAUTIFUL van that had an amazing yellow paint job to it. The only problem was I didn’t have my camera with me!

It would seem like no big deal, normally, but I’ve NEVER seen that car on that street before and I was afraid I would never see it again. Alas, I did not have time that day to run home and grab my camera to snap that shot. Such a bummer right?

I hate coming into those moments where you are inspired by “the perfect shot” – and it always happens on days you decide to leave your camera at home.

I beat myself up about perhaps missing that shot and scoured other places that had a good yellow scene to capture, but that van! I needed to investigate if it were there!

A few days later (because, let’s face it, my life is hectic) I finally came back to that road and it was like my dreams came true! While the van wasn’t in the same spot, it was there – beaming in the glorious sunshine of the day. BEAUTIFUL blue sky too!

Although I’m an people person and I love interacting with you all, there are some things that just capture my heart. I’m so happy that I joined this 52 week photo challenge for 2017! It is really helping me capture the things my spirit becomes so full and alive about.

What are some things that you get super excited about that may be outside of what you do? What brings your soul to life?