Project 52 - Week 13 | Photographer’s Choice


52 weeks in a year and we’re already a quarter of a way through?! At least this week’s prompt was Photographer’s Choice – something “easy” right? I’ve been thinking a lot about my career and how I want it to form with my life and came to a realization: a majority of these photos I’ve taken for each week do not have people in them.

On one hand, it’s been refreshing to look at everyday items and objects and photograph them in an artful way – to get away from what I typically do with my photography. But on the other hand, I should try to use this time to work on an area that I need practice in.

Since I specialize in wedding photography, most of my work is focused on capturing the bride and groom’s day. But, let’s be honest, it’s really the bride’s day. Which is completely fine! I make sure that I’m capturing true and pure moments that they will look back and not focus on what their makeup looked like, but enjoy the raw joy in the photo.

It helps that I’m a woman, but all women are not the same. Each one has their quirks and their preferences. One thing remains true though: women want to feel beautiful. Men? They have other priorities.

Men are a subject matter that I want to become better at. So, I grabbed my man and told him to be my model (ok, I asked and he was willing to pose). It turned into a nice Sunday walk around the neighborhood on a really great day. Here’s one of many that I loved.