Project 52 - Week 12 | Let There Be Light


I’m a tad late on posting this past week’s photo with the prompt of Let There Be Light. However, I did take one this past weekend.

In photography, light is literally the key. Without light, you wouldn’t have photos come to life. Even night photography is illuminated with the stars and galaxies that shine from above. Without light, things would be dark.

How depressing is darkness? Complete and utter darkness. I mean, I love when it’s pitch black when I go to bed, but would never want it to be dark forever.

The definition of darkness is lack of light. I didn’t look that up in Webster or anything, but how else can you describe it? The only way we can understand what darkness is is in the presence of light.

Think about that for a second.

To know what darkness is, you must first know what light is.

I’ve thought about this concept that came to me a few years ago from someone (I cannot remember who) and it has stuck with me.

Light is truly amazing. We could not see the beautiful world around us without it.

I try, every morning, to start off my day with a positive attitude. My morning routine is full of pushes and pulls. I wake up to my alarm, which also means that I need to feed my cats. Then I ultimately decide to review what my day will look like, which takes me to my couch. That couch sucks me in and I fall asleep once again. When the sun peaks through my window, telling me that the day is brand new, that’s when I finally get up.

It is beautiful to watch the sunrise, but it brings peace to my soul when I see it start my day.