Project 52 - Week 11 | From Above


This week’s Project 52 prompt “From Above” stirred me to want to capture a story from a different angle than what I’m used to. There were plenty of options I could choose from – my cats always at my feet, the view from the 6th floor at work, etc. But none of them really grabbed me. So I turned to what Kentucky is currently experiencing.

It is becoming more and more common that this world is experiencing crazy weather. A week ago, we were wearing Spring clothing – fresh and light since the weather was relatively warm. We felt like the new season may finally be actually approaching instead of teasing us throughout January and February.

This is why I am not a weatherman.

Starting on Saturday, Kentucky (as with a large amount of the states) experienced a major cooling. That led into a large snow storm that swept across the US. Surprisingly, it snowed.


Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic! We really didn’t have much of a winter to begin with. However, all of the flowers and trees had started to bloom, so it all felt like nonsense.

The petals have been swept off the trees and the greenery is still peeking through. It gives me hope that even through turbulent and unpredictable weather, it persists and pushes forward to turn into Spring. The photo, captured from above, captures the growth to reach upwards and onwards.