Krista // Styled Retro Shoot

Working together as graphic designers, Krista has inspired me and my creativity. She has no idea how much she inspires and encourages me to follow the passions and dreams I have. Not only does she lead by example by designing in her own unique, bright, happy style, but she also works tirelessly to pursue her photography business and dreams. She is a large part of why I have continued to pursue this photography thing I am so passionate about.

I love to show my appreciation for people by using my talents and skills for their benefit, so I offered to do a photography exchange with her. Krista immediately knew exactly what she wanted to do. She had just purchased these white roller skates with bright pink wheels and it spurred this idea for a classic retro-esque shoot.

I was excited for the idea and intrigued on where we would do it, but she had already found the perfect location. Louisville is full of a multitude of walls that have unique artwork and murals on it, so the one that she found for this shoot was LITERALLY so perfect for her vision. On top of that, just a block or so away were some great colored walls for backdrops. I don’t think this shoot could have gone any better.

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