Alexandra + Brendan | Wedding

One thing that I adore about Alexandra that she may not know is that she never shortened her name. Yeah, it may seem like a trivial thing, but as someone whose name is very similar in that fashion (Christy isn’t short for Christina, nor would I ever go by Chris), I respect that she loves her full given name.

I met Brendan and Alexandra for the first time in a Starbucks to talk about the wedding plans, and I knew right then that we would work so well together. Both of them had a fire for the love they had for each other and were so ready to get married. Everything in their wedding had so much detail and love put into the execution.

With an ornate church in Louisville to get married in, the crisp March weather, and the unique uses of greens and succulents, this wedding was one for the books. I might even pin these to my own wedding pinterest board for a future use!