Krista + Joe // Lifestyle Session

I met Krista while working in Louisville and I immediately fell in love with all that she is. Her spirit is so gentle, friendly, and energetic. As a fellow photographer and graphic designer, I knew we would click quickly. Then, to hear her talk about Joe was even more amazing. I was introduced to him as Joey Bear, and that is what I called him for a while.

With so many cute names she had for him, and for him to be so quirky and loving about it, it is so obvious how head over heels for each other they are.

I’ve always wanted to photograph in the Highlands, so when she got her new place in the heart of it, I jumped on top of this session. The Highlands of Louisville is my all-time favorite place. It offers this old-town, Victorian feel with homes a stride apart from each other, unique local food places and stores, all while being close to most things in Louisville. Gah, I love it.

Photographing this couple was fun, especially with getting Joe to relax in front of a camera. I think he did great, though.

And Krista - she is a phenomenal designer and photographer, so check her out!