#SwaninLondon - Day Seven - Edinburgh

At this point in my journey, I started getting more and more tired of being a tourist without anyone to share the experiences with. I started getting extremely lonely. I think the train ride out to Edinburgh was a nice relaxing break. It was about a 5-hour train ride through the country-side of England and it was lovely.

My host here in Edinburgh was a woman named Patricia who was originally from Southern Spain. I’m glad that she was there when I arrived because she gave me some awesome suggestions. She highly recommended hiking up to Arthur’s Seat which wasn’t very far from her flat, so I immediately set off for a hike hoping that it would help center me. Shake off that loneliness.

After being downtown London for a week and just arriving in Edinburgh, the hike to Arthur’s Seat was such a nice step outside the hustle of the cities. On top of this huge rocky, yet amazingly green hill, I got to truly see how beautiful Scotland is. Seeing the entire city, the surrounding neighborhoods, Edinburgh Castle, the North Sea, and even the snow-capped mountains in the distance – I would love to live here. Don’t take my word for it, check out the pictures.

Once I was done with my hike, I decided to grab a beer at a local pub where I met 2 Americans. They were so kind and wonderful. I ended up going bar hopping with them on Rose Street (known for bar hopping). These two also offered to cook me dinner at their home which was a train ride away. They have a young daughter they named Ireland and I secretly envied their life. Living wherever life takes them. That’s my kind of adventure book.

It was nice to hang out with people for a change, but I think it ended up being the last straw with my emotions. I wanted to be home – or at least around people I knew.

Oh Edinburgh. You are so beautiful.

*Side Note: Learning how to pronounce Edinburgh was a must before traveling there. I’m glad I did.