24 hour Trip to Minneapolis, MN

This year marks my youngest brother’s last year in college and his last year doing track and field for Marquette University. Which means traveling when I can to see him compete doing pole vault. This past weekend he was in Minneapolis, Minnesota and flights up there were so cheap! So off I went for a 24hr trip to Minnesota.

I’ve been to Minnesota once before and that was when I was on a choir tour. Yes, choir tour is a thing and I miss it so much. That was when I got to go to the Mall of America for the first time. It’s worth seeing, but it’s a little overwhelming.

Anyhow, my parents and I met up with a childhood friend and neighbor of ours who is basically like another brother to me: Johnny. He and his wife picked us up from the airport and hung out with us all day at University of Minnesota’s field house. While waiting, I took a little stroll around campus and shot some photos before coming back to snap some of my brother.

The quick trip was way too short. It was almost as if I wasn’t even there. However, seeing my brother and Johnny was so great. I miss them both and I’m going to plan another trip up there to visit Johnny and his wife again – perhaps actually do more than be in a field house.

The University of Minnesota


The Armory

Not sure what it is, but it's on campus


The Track Meet

Held at University of Minnesota