Charlestown State Park

Since I have moved back to Illinois, I have been DEEPLY missing what Louisville, KY offered. I miss the local food, the bourbon, the breweries, the people, the church that I call home - but I especially miss the vast amount of options for hiking and exploring. One of my go-to places that is only a 30 minute drive from downtown Louisville, is right across the river in Indiana: Charlestown State Park.

Since I first explored this place a few years back, it has given me a place to escape without feeling like I'm seeing the same stuff. Maybe it's something magical, but I swear I could hike trail 3 & 4 every single day. It's so simple, yet so perfect.

One of the things I love most about it (besides an island that was abandoned after a huge flood) is some of the "uncharted" areas. When you get down about two-thirds of the steep paved trail, there are some benches to rest. Most people continue on the paved path towards the island, but one time (and this changed this place forever for me) I noticed that there was a path beyond the benches. It wasn't obvious, but it was something that a few have traveled. That's when I discovered a hidden waterfall up a fun climb.

When I went this past week, I was surprised to see the waterfall flowing, but even more stunned when I saw the ice that had formed. This mini hike really helped center me for the week that I was about to encounter (let me just tell you, it was a headache I never saw coming, but all is well now). I hope you enjoy this as much as I do every time I visit.


My hidden waterfall

Charlestown State Park