My Hike in Starved Rock

I decided to set aside one day a month to do absolutely nothing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t do anything, but it does mean that I purposefully don’t plan or schedule anything on that day. My to-do lists, hanging out with friends, editing photos, they all take a pause on this one day.

And this past weekend was my first-ever go at this.

Halfway through the day, I felt the urge to go hiking. However, I’ve been super down on myself that there aren’t as many places to go hiking around Illinois than there are in Kentucky. The closest one that I could think of was about an hour away. BUT HECK WITH IT! Nothing was going to stop me to refuel what my soul needed.

That’s what this whole day is about anyway - finding what I need to do to refill my cup of energy and to reset.

So off to Starved Rock I drove!

There’s another park across the street (basically) from Starved Rock that I grew up going to - Matthiessen State Park. My parents always insisted that it was far better than Starved Rock, so I actually have only been to Matthiessen.

Basically, it was a great trip out there and to hike around the place, but overall my parents were right. Matthiessen is so much better. Starved Rock has its treasures, and maybe I didn’t get to see the best parts, but I think I’ll take my hikes elsewhere in Illinois.