So, you finally received your photos from your photographer! How exciting! You paid a good amount of money to get these done and now you want to share them with the world – because, let’s face it, you look stunning! But before you go running to Facebook or Instagram, there are some things you should know about sharing these photos.

All photographers want you to share their photos of you, but we are all different on how we go about educating you how to do it. Here are some simple guidelines to sharing your photos with ease:

1. Check if you have been extended the rights to the images

Usually you will receive a written photo release form (which is something I give all my clients). What this does is extends you (the client) the rights to share and print the photos that you paid for. In all my sessions, this is always included. However, some photographers will only provide print credits or a combination of both, so check with your photographer!

It’s important to know for sure that you have a photo release form signed by your photographer so that you don’t have to deal with copyright infringement. I mean, as a photographer I don’t even want to deal with that, but it does happen. 99.99% of the time the photographer will forever own the copyright to the images they took of you. The rights to print and post online are merely extended to you.

You can read more into the copyright that photographers hold, but if you share a photo that you were not given permission to share, you could potentially wind up in some legal trouble.


  • Claiming another’s work as your own
  • Any manipulation (including editing or filters) that is not done by permission
  • Scanning a digital picture
  • Downloading sneak peeks from the web

...let people admire your photographer’s work - not your filter.

2. Do not add a filter

Or really any type of editing that would skew the original file you purchased. You paid a photographer to take your photos, so you should respect their editing process. This is why it’s so important to look at your photographer’s portfolio before you hire them – do you like their style of shooting and editing? If yes, then you should be smooth sailing!

Why would you alter it anyway? Besides, altering the image with filters and such is copyright infringement. When you purchase a service and decide to share with others around you, you have decided to let people admire your photographer’s work – not your filter.

3. Tag your photographer

This one is typically overlooked. We as photographers know how important your photos are to you and we love providing that service to you. I know I take the time to get to know my clients and want them to be the happiest ever. Whether it’s a family session or a wedding day, I am spending my time focusing on the ins and outs of capturing your unique personality.

For me, this means I like to make lasting relationships with my clients. So, when you share a photo from our time together, I want you to be able to share your excitement with me. Not only do I get to see what you have to say and think, but it shares to the world who I am as a photographer.

4. Check with your photographer

All this said, each photographer is different so definitely ask your photographer or check the portrait contract. Likely it will talk about copyright with the images. I can’t think of any reason why your photographer wouldn’t want you to share your images (as long as you have received extended rights – read #1), but if you feel uneasy about doing so, just ask your photographer.